Sunday, July 10, 2011

President Mills Puts Fear Into Akufo-Addo Camp!

Feature Article by Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.

The news that "President John Mills has won the NDC's National Delegates' Congress in Sunyani by a whooping 96.09% as against Nana Konadu's 3.01%", is obviously good news for some of us, but not all of us. For the Akufo-Addo camp, this was a rude shock. They were predicting 75% for Professor Mills and explaining that to mean a vote of no confidence by his own party. I can already see President Mills being sworn in for a second time. It gives the Mills campaign a boost that even the Akufo-Addo camp will find very difficult to deny.

In the days leading to the Congress, Akufo Addo's Statesman published an article in which they sought to cast doubts on the obvious:

"Surveys, interviews, analyses and information gathered by the New Statesman indicate that President John Evans Atta Mills has been gripped by serious panic following the last minute realization that tomorrow’s presidential nomination of his party may not after all result in the kind of landslide victory he had been made to believe by his GAME (Get Atta Mills Endorsed) campaign team."

We now have something concrete to chew on concerning their so-called "surveys, interviews, analyses and information gathered by the New Statesman"! They could not have been more ridiculous:

"President Mills is said to be particularly worried by the fact that the GAME plan to antagonize and isolate former President Rawlings and his wife has angered many constituency delegates." The New Statesman went on, "Even more worrying for the President is the fact that for two years now his only challenger, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, cleverly maintained a close, caring and intimate contact with a sizeable majority of the ruling party’s constituency officers, of whom 1,433 (out of 1,900 total delegates) voted for her in Tamale on 17 January 2010 as NDC Vice Chairperson, a position from which she resigned recently to contest for the flagbearership."

I repeat the results for an effective comparison:

"President Mills polled a whopping 2,771 votes against Nana Agyemang Rawling's 90 votes.
President Mills took the lead in all ten regions of the country.
President Mill's vote represents 96.7% of the total votes cast, whilst Nana Konadu's votes represents a total of 3.14%."

The New Statesman also predicted tension and violence, but the entire even passed off in a festive mood:

"There are growing concerns that the insults, intimidation, threats, harassment and violence, including the Kumasi shooting, that have blighted the short campaign, could all come to a head at the Sunyani congress.

Officially more than 1,500 police personnel have been deployed to the Brong Ahafo capital. The NDC has also made arrangements for about 2,000 security personnel for the 3-day congress, in addition to the about 1,800 “Azorka Boys” who are storming Sunyani today.

There are concerns from the Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings camp that the security personnel are all part of the GAME plan to put their fear of the ballot (if not the bullet) into FONKAR. But, that appears not to be shaking FONKAR."

It is a great shame to our detractors that this congress has come off smoothly and the NDC has reposed an overwhelming confidence in the President. We must hit the ground running for them to know what running is! The congress has reduced the Rawlingses into an insignificant political nuisance which have no impact on the party. As I wrote earlier, "NDC should go ahead and elect President Mills to continue the good work he has started. There should be no worries about an open foe. The NPP has a hidden one!"

At the end of the day the NPP has more to lose from the "Agenda 2016" menace than the NDC has to lose from the Rawlingses threat. The percentage of constituency under Alan Cash command is far greater than the percentage as demonstrated in the vote. The dynamics do not bode well for the NPP, also because there is a frontal and direct contradictions between the Alan Cash "Agenda 2016" and the Akufo-Addo  "Victory 2012".

"A wolf may eat a sheep now and then,
But thousands are killed by men,
An open foe may prove a curse,
But a pretended friend is worse"!

The NDC now has the "open foe" under control, but can the NPP say the same thing about their "pretended friends"? Whilst the Rawlingses are already talking of forming another political party, with preferably, the NDC logo, Akufo-Addo recently included Alan Kyeremanten in his campaign team, despite the visceral hatred of the Alan Cash "Agenda 2016" underground commandos. Alan Cash believes strongly that 2016 is his time, given to him by God himself. The Akufo-Addo "Victory 2012" is a threat to this "God-given" hope of Alan Cash, as Akufo-Addo could extend his political expiring date beyond 2012 to two terms ending in 2020, and making nonsense of the "Agenda 2016"!

Attention! There is a good reason why this is not in the public domain. This shall never be an operation that will be played out in the open. Both sides have come to the selfish conclusion that they need a strong fa├žade of unity, whether 2012 or 2016, if they are to make any impact. Thus publicly they are friends! They have agreed to disagree. They tell each other, "if you are pretending to be a friend, we shall also pretend to be friends!" This is a house irrevocably divided against each other as the Ashanti Region is the strongest base of the party, the "Agenda 2016" which needs a defeat of Akufo-Addo, to spring into action, gives the NDC a fortuitous advantage even if the Rawlingses were to break away from the NDC.

It would be worse than inordinate ambition if they did. At least, the CPP which is always first at the bottom, can have something to beat! What every decent citizen expects from the Rawlingses is a magnanimous acceptance of defeat and recoiling into their shells or crawl away and hide under their respective stones. They can now positively throw their weight behind the voices of their own people, or at least stop themselves from being on the way. The message is clear: they are going to change or they will be changed.

With the NPP as no-match, I think we are entering into this campaign with a strong foot forward.

Cheers to all of you!

We shall overcome!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.

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