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NPP and Democrat Union of Africa


NPP to host Democrat Union of Africa conference

Accra, Nov. 17, GNA - The New Patriotic Party (NPP) will host a two-day Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) conference on November 22 to 23 in Accra.

A statement signed by NPP's Head of International Affairs, Mr Charles Owiredu, said the conference with the theme; "Africa's Response to the Global Financial Crisis" will emphasise the impact of the global financial crisis in Africa and what centre-right governments and political parties can do to mitigate its impact.

The Union, which is made up of centre and centre right parties in Africa, aims at developing ideological consensus among representatives of the political parties and also offers a forum in which African political parties of like mind can support each other. The Congo crisis and political situations of member countries, among others, would be discussed at the conference as DUA also seeks to explore ways of consolidating multi-party democracy and strengthening the internal capacities of political parties in Africa. The conference to be held at the Labadi Beach Resort will attract leaders of political parties in Africa and some foreign observers.

All hands on the deck!

Roll up your sleeves for a massive exposure!!!!

"La bête rentre dans l'abattoir toute seul!" French for "the beast is entering the slaughter house on its own!" We should take every opprtunity to expose them!
A cursory look at their membership is like a who is who in the gallery of African traitors! Does Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social (UDPS) ring a bell? It is led by Etienne Tsikesedi who was one time the Prime Minister of Mobotu Se se Seko! The Uniäo Democrática Nacional de Angola (UDN) of Angola has not even got a single seat in the Angolan parliament of 206 seats! In fact the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (Partido do Trabalho) (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) polled 53.7% of the seats to get 124 seats in parliament. This is followed by the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (Partido do Trabalho) (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) with 53.7% and 124 seats. This is followed by Mr. Bornito de Sousa Baltazar Diogo's UNITA of Savimbi fame, União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) with 34.1% and 64 seats! The rest is nothing to write home about!

The NPP is the strongest neo-colonialist party on the African continent! The Parti Démocratique de la Côte d'Ivoire (PDCI-RDA) Ivory Coast is an old rogue. It was the party that maitained cordial relations with APARTHEID South Africa under Félix Houphouët-Boigny. This is an old political party created by the French colonisers to hand over power to a black face whilst the colonial business went on as usual! From independence in 1960 to 1990 it was the only legal party, and was led by President Félix Houphouët-Boigny. In 1990 the first multi-party elections took place, but the party remained in power. When Houphouët-Boigny died in 1993 he was replaced by Henri Konan Bédié. The party lost power when Bédié was ousted in a December 1999 coup.

The PDCI announced in early 2000 that it would hold a congress to choose new leadership, and Bédié denounced this as a "putsch"! The party decided to retain Bédié in the leadership, however. In August, Bédié and four other PDCI members registered as candidates in the October 2000 presidential election; shortly afterward, Emile Constant Bombet, who had served as Interior Minister under Bédié, defeated Bédié for the PDCI presidential nomination. Bombet and Bédié were both barred from running by the Constitutional Court in early October, and on October 10 Bédié called for a boycott of the election. In the parliamentary election held on 10 December 2000 and 14 January 2001, the party won 94 out of 225 seats.

On May 18, 2005, the PDCI and the Rally of the Republicans (RDR), despite a history of hostility towards one another, signed an agreement to form a coalition, the Rally of Houphouëtists for Democracy and Peace, along with two smaller parties, the Union for Democracy and Peace in Côte d'Ivoire (UDPCI) and the Movement of the Forces of the Future (MFA), ahead of the presidential election then planned for October 2005. This election was delayed and is now planned to be held in 2008.

More to follow....

Welcome To This Special Brainstorming Session!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for heeding this call!

We have no moderator and no leader in this forum apart from decorum.

All of you have been carefully invited. We shall simultaneously identify the intruders and automatically ignore them together so that they do not succeed to distract our attention from this very important national assignment. Tell us how the campaign is doing, how it could be improved, what NPP-damaging news is in town? How do we diffuse them? Who will do what? Quickly and effectively?

Articles Research and Development Committe

We need a team od volunteers to research specific articles. All you have to do is to suggest topics and also post relevant info for others to use!

Make any other suggestions to help us make this victory a one-youch one!!!!
Thank you!

Nana Akyea Mensah, the Odikro.

My next favourite topic is the Drug Menace. I am working on it right now and I need some help! Let us assembly all the information with names and positions in the NPP!

Current topics:

The NPP Membership of the Conservative Christian IDU and its implications on Ghanaian Muslims!

Our principal objective here is to help open the eyes of Muslim voters, and progressive Christians alike, the nefarious connections of the NPP that shapes and fashions their foreign policy religiously skewed against Islam!

There is so much to fish from here. The political links between the two elephants in the US and Ghana are made bare, the history of all the member parties is a history of systematically taking the side of colonial forces against the African Majority. etc etc etc!

For more information and discussions please click beolw:
Background information:
The International Democratic Union:

Background information: The International Democratic Union:

Background information:
The International Democratic Union:

Let us begin with History Dictionary on the Religious Right:
A coalition of right-wing Protestant fundamentalist (see fundamentalism) leaders who have become increasingly active in politics since the Supreme Court's 1972 decision in Roe versus Wade. Among its leaders are Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. The Religious Right sponsors a network of Christian bookstores, radio stations, and television evangelists. Opposed to abortion, pornography, and what it views as the marginalizing of religion in American public life, the Religious Right has also championed prayer in the public schools. In the 1980s it gave strong support to President Ronald Reagan.

A coalition of right-wing Protestant fundamentalist (see fundamentalism) leaders who have become increasingly active in politics since the Supreme Court's 1972 decision in Roe versus Wade. Among its leaders are Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. The Religious Right sponsors a network of Christian bookstores, radio stations, and television evangelists. Opposed to abortion, pornography, and what it views as the marginalizing of religion in American public life, the Religious Right has also championed prayer in the public schools. In the 1980s it gave strong support to President Ronald Reagan.

History of the IDU or better still, an autobiography (culled from the secretive IDU website!):

The International Democrat Union (IDU) is a working association of over 80 Conservative, Christian Democrat and like-minded political parties of the centre and centre right.

Formed in 1983, the IDU provides a forum in which Parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organisational interest, so that they can learn from each other, act together, establish contacts and speak with one strong voice to promote democracy and centre-right policies around the globe. Founder Members of the IDU included Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, then Vice-President George Bush Sr, Jacques Chirac - now President of France, Chancellor Helmut Kohl and many other Party Leaders.

Our Mission

1. The International Democrat Union (IDU) shall consist of Member Parties of the Americas Democrat Union (ADU); the Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU); the Caribbean Democrat Union (CDU); the Democrat Union of Africa/African Dialogue Group (DUA/ADG); and the European Democrat Union, which have adhered to the IDU Declaration of Principles.
2. The IDU will foster the common philosophy of its Member Parties, establish permanent relations at a bilateral and multilateral level, encourage mutual support and to these ends will provide a forum for the exchange of views and information on matters of interest to all or a considerable number of its Member Parties.

Countries can only develop their full potential if they develop recognising the ideals of liberal democracy, freedom of the individual, and the need for economic growth to be based on individual initiative and free, competitive enterprise economies. The IDU has a clear role in a modern world, where today's idea in one country is tomorrow's policy in another.

Through the IDU, member Parties can exchange policy ideas, assist each other to win the political argument, and to win elections. There are regular meetings of both the full IDU and its Regional Unions and Organisations. The officers of the IDU are elected at Party Leaders' Meetings which are held every three or four years.

At IDU Executive Meetings, briefings are given on local and topical issues, as well as consideration given to applicant parties. Apart from Executive Meetings, the IDU holds annual events such as the Young Leaders Forum, plus projects like the special visit undertaken to Zimbabwe. A major event is also held every four years to coincide with the Republican Convention, the last one being held in August 2004 in New York.

The IDU also organises campaigning seminars for politicians and party workers. These involve exchanges of information on campaign technology, fund-raising techniques, opinion polling, advertising and campaign organisation. The IDU plays an essential role in enabling like-minded, centre-right parties to share experiences in order to achieve electoral success.


19 dignitaries attended the meeting that established the IDU held at the Hotel Intercontinental n London on 24th June 1983: Dr Alois Mock (Osterreichische Volkspartei, Austria); Prime-Minister Margaret Thatcher (Conservative Party, Great Britain); Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU, Federal Republic of Germany); Prime-Minister Franz-Josef Strauss (CSU, Federal Republic of Germany); M Jacques Chirac (Rassemblement Pour la Republique, France); Mr Andrew Peacock (Liberal Party, Australia); M Evangelos Averoff-Tossiza (Nea Demokratia, Greece); Sr Fraga Iribarne (Alianza Popular, Spain); Sr Oscar Alzaga, (Partido Democrata Popular, Spain); Mrs Susanne Wood, National Party, New Zealand); President Clafcos Clerides (Democratic Rally, Cyprus); Mr Ilkka Suominen (Kansallinen Kokoomus, Finland); Sr Lucas Pires (CDS, Portugal); Mr Tasuo Tanaka (Liberal Democrat Party, Japan); Mr Ulf Adelsohn (Moderata Samlingspartiet, Sweden); Mr Erik Nielsen (Progressive Conservative Party, Canada) ;Prime-Minister Poul Schluter (Det Konservative Folkeparti, Denmark); Mr Jo Benkow (Hoyre, Norway); and Mr Frank Fahrenkopf (Republican National Committee, USA).

The IDU has over 80 Member Parties from over 60 countries belonging to itself or one of its Regional Unions. It is the only international organisation of its kind with full members from both Russia and the USA. Many of its members come from democracies newly established during the 1990s.

In addition to full membership of the IDU, parties can also join one of the Regional Unions or the Women's and Youth Organisations under the International Democrat Union umbrella

Regional Unions:

Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU)
P O Box 6004
ACT 2604

Contact: Bruce Edwards (Liberal Party, Australia)
Contact e-mail:
Chairman: Ranil Wickremesinghe MP (United National Party, Sri Lanka)
Phone: +612 62 732564
Fax: +612 67 31534

The Liberal Party of Australia
Member: APDU and IDU

PO Box 6004
ACT 2604

Party Leader:
Dr Brendan Nelson MP

Contact: Bruce Edwards
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +61 2 6273 2564
Fax: +61 2 6273 1534

Conservative Party of Canada
Member: APDU, IDU, UPLA Associate Member

1204 - 130 Albert Street
Ontario, K1P 5G4

Party Leader: The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada

Contact 1: Don Plett (Party President)
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +1-204-346-4040

Contact 2: Jeff Steiner
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +1 613 755 2000

Fax: +1 613 755 2001


National Renovation Party
Partido Renovacion Nacional (RN)

Antonio Varas 454

Contact: Marcelo Muños, International Secretary
Contact e-mail:
Party Leader: Carlos Larrain Peña
Phone: +56(2) 373 8740
Fax: +56(2) 373 8709

Nationalist Republican Alliance
Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (ARENA)

Prolongacion Cl Arce No 2423
Ent 45 y 47 Av
San Salvador

Party Leader: Rodrigo Avila

Contact 1: Dr Oscar Santamaria, Director for International Relations
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +503 2264 0246
Fax: +503 2264 0247

Contact 2: Gerardo Balzaretti, Centre for Political Studies
Contact email:
Phone: +503 260 4400
Fax: +503 260 5918

Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua (SDL)
Member: APDU

P O Box 17889
Party Leader: Laisenia Qarase
Tel: +679 330 1544
Fax: +679 330 7606

The Grand National Party
Member: APDU and IDU

14-34, Yoido-dong
Seoul, Korea 150-748

Party Leader: Chairman Kang Jae-sup
Contact: International Affairs Bureau
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +82 2 3786 3342/3
Fax: +82 2 3786 3344

Web-site: www.hannara.or.ko

Democratic Party
Member: APDU, IDU Associate Member

Central Post POB 1085

Phone: +976 11 324221
Fax: +976 11 312810

Party Leader: The Hon Norov Altankhuyag
First Deputy Prime Minister

Contact: International Secretary Ariunzayat Yunren

Phone: +976-11-322055
Phone 2: +976-11-324221

Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)
Member: APDU

National Democratic Party
Post Box 12981
Charumati Bahal, Chabel, Kathmandu

Party Leader: Hon Pashupati S J B Rana, MP
Contact: Mr Jayant Chand, International Relations Department

Tel: + 977 1 4471 071 or + 977 1 4414 037
Fax: + 977 1 4423 384

New Zealand National Party (NZNP)
Member: APDU and IDU

P O Box 1155

Party Leader: John Key MP
Chairman: Mrs. Judy Kirk

Mark Oldershaw, General Manager
Phone: +64 800 255 266
Fax: +64 800 255 277

Republic of China
Kuomintang (KMT)
Member: APDU, IDU

Kuomintang (KMT)
No 232, Bade Road, Sec. 2
Taipei City, Taiwan

Contact: Tu-Hsiao Chen
Contact e-mail:
Party Leader: Poh-hsiung Wu, Chairman
Phone: +886 2 877 28 323
Fax: +886 2 877 28 343

Union of Right Forces
Member: APDU and IDU

15, Malaya Andronyevskaya Str
Moscow 109544

Party Leader: Nikita Yu. Belykh
Deputy Leader: Leonid Gozman
Contact: Leonid Gozman\Arkady Murashev
Contact e-mail:
E-post 2:
Phone: +7 095 710 40 09
Fax: +7 095 710 40 77

United National Party (UNP)
Member: APDU and IDU

400 Kotte Road
Pita Kotte
Sri Jayawardenepura

Party Leader: Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe MP
Contact: Ravi Karunanayake MP, International Secretary
Contact e-mail:
Phone: +94 1 500 941
Fax: +94 1 500 972

Republican National Committee
Member: APDU and IDU

Dwight Eisenhower Republican Centre
310 First Street SE
Washington DC 20003


RNC Chairman: Mike Duncan

Contact: Elizabeth Dugan, Vice President
International Republican Institute
1225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, D.C. 20005

Tel: +1 (202) 408-9450
Fax: +1 (202) 408-9462

1 - 4 September: Republican National Convention

The IDU together with Mercury Public Affairs, in cooperation with the IRI, will organize an International Leaders Program at the 2008 Republican National Convention. The 2008 Convention will take place in Minneapolis-Saint Paul between 1 and 4 September 2008. Participants should plan for arrival on August 31 in the afternoon/evening, and may plan for departure from the morning of September 5.

This event is now fully booked, and there is a waiting-list of nominated participants from IDU parties.

The IDU Executive Committee will hold a meeting in connection with the Convention, on Thursday 4 September. Further details will be posted in the Members Login area as the date approaches.

For general background and updates on the Republican Convention - see this link:

Member parties in Africa:

Uniäo Democrática Nacional de Angola (UDN)
Member: DUA Observer

Democratic Republic Kongo
Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social (UDPS)
Member of: DUA Observer


Ghana New Patriotic party
Member: DUA, IDU

Private Mail Bag, Accra- North

Party Leader: President John A Kufuor
Chairman: Peter Mac Manu
Contact e-mail:

Tel 1: +233 21 220 987
Tel 2: +233 21 222 420
Fax: +233 21 240 663
Web-site: Under construction

Ivory Coast
Parti Démocratique de la Côte d'Ivoire (PDCI-RDA)
Member: DUA Member
05 BP
36 Abidjan 05
Ivory Coast

Party Leader: Henri Konan Bédié
Secretary General: Prof. Alphonse Djedje Mady
Contact: Hon. Dongo Kouassi
Tel: +225 2244 1363
Tel: +225 0784 7781

Contact: Jean-Marie Kakou Gervais, International Affairs
Tel: +225 2241 7658
Mobile: +225 07 63 33 07

Basotho National Party (BNP)
Member: DUA Observer

Unity Party
Member: DUA Observer

Party Leader: Dr. Charles Clarke
Contact: Dr. Charles Clarke
Fax: +231 77512528

Mozambique National Resistance
Member: DUA, IDU Associate Member

Resistencia Nacional de Mocambique (RENAMO)
Ahmed Sekou Toure Avenue 657
Maputo City

Contact: Eduardo Namburete, Foreign Affairs Advisor
Party Leader: Afonso Dhlakama

Tel: +258 827 404 740
Tel 2: +258 828 397 110
Fax: +258 21 497 288

Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia (DTA)
Member: DUA, IDU Associate Member

PO Box 173
Windhoek 9000

Party Leader: Hon. Katutuire Kaura

Contact 1: Tjeripo Hoveka

Contact 2: Secretary General Alois Gende

Tel: +264 61 238 530
Tel 2: +264 61 288 2543 (Office in the Parliament)
Fax: +264 61 226 845

Mouvement National de la Societé de Dévelopement (MNSD)
Member: DUA Observer

Democratic Party
Member: DUA Member

PO Box 269



Party Leader: Paul Chow

Contact email:

Tel: +248 224 916
Fax: +248 324 456

Sierra Leone
Movement for Progress Party (MOP)
Member: DUA Member

PO Box 600
Sierra Leone

Party Leader: Zainab Bangura
Contact: Secretary General Amadu Kamara
Tel: +232 766 24 514
Fax: +232 22 227 941

Chama Cha Demokrasia Na Maendeleo (CHADEMA)
Member: DUA, IDU Associate Member
P.O. Box 31191
Dar Es Salaam

Party Leader: Hon Freeman A. Mbowe

Contact: John Mnyika, Acting Director for International Relations
Contact e-mail: and
Contact 2: Secretary General Dr Slaa Willibroad MP
Contact email:
Contact 3: John Mrema, Assistant for International Relations
Contact email:
Tel: +255 22 266 88 66
Fax: +255 22 266 88 66

(1) Democratic Party (DP)
Member: DUA Member
PO Box 7098
Kampala, Uganda

Party Leader: Hon John Ssebaana Kizito
Contact: Dr Bayigga Michael Lulume

(2) Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)
Member: DUA Member
PO Box 26928
Kampala, Uganda

Party Leader: Dr Kizza Besigye
Tel: +256 772-402851 / +256 752 373 647
Contact: International Secretary Okumu Ronald Reagan

Visiting address: Plot No 109, Entebbe Road - Najjanankumbi


1. IDU Party Leaders' Meeting: John Howard re-elected Chairman
The IDU Party Leaders, at their meeting in Paris on June 26, 2008, unanimously re-elected
the Hon John Howard as Chairman, and elected the IDU officers for the coming three years.
On behalf of IDU's Party Leaders' Meeting the Chairman issued statements on a number of
important international issues; concerning Zimbabwe, Cuba, Nicaragua, Belarus, Venezuela
and Sri Lanka (see points 2 – 7 below).
The IDU Officers for 2008 – 2011:
The Hon John HOWARD AC, Liberal Party of Australia
Deputy Chairman
The Honourable Jan PETERSEN MP, EDU Co–Chairman, Conservative Party,
Assistant Chairmen
The Right Honourable William HAGUE MP PC, Conservative Party, United Kingdom
The Honourable Shane L. STONE AC PGDK QC, Liberal Party of Australia
Vice Chairmen
The Honourable Kostas KARAMANLIS MP, EDU Co-Chairman, Prime Minister of
Greece, New Democracy Party, Greece
The Honourable Dr. Ivo SANADER MP, Prime Minister, Republic of Croatia,
Croatian Democratic Union
The Honourable Bendt BENDTSEN MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Conservative Party,
The Honourable Dr. Pin-Kung CHIANG, Vice Chairman, Kuomintang (KMT),
Chairman Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF)
The Honourable Stockwell DAY MP PC, Conservative Party, Canada, Minister of
Public Safety
The Honourable Alexander DOWNER MP, Liberal Party of Australia
The Honourable Lourdes FLORES, Party Leader, Partido Social Cristiano, Peru
The Honourable Leonid GOZMAN, Union of Right Forces, Russia
The Honourable Peter HINTZE MdB, CDU Germany, Parliamentary State Secretary
for Industry and Science
The Honourable Erwin HUBER MdL, CSU Germany, Party Chairman, Minister of
State for Finance
The Honourable Carlos LARRAIN, Party Leader, National Renovation Party, Chile
The Honourable Peter MACMANU, Chairman DUA, New Patriotic Party, Ghana
The Honourable Etibar MAMMADOV, Party Leader, the National Independence
Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA)
The Honourable Wilfried MARTENS, Chairman EPP, Belgium
The Honourable Mariano RAJOY MP, Party Leader, Partido Popular, Spain
The Honourable Marco SOLARES MP, Honorary Chairman UPLA, The Unionista
Party, Guatemala
The Honourable Ranil WICKREMESINGHE MP, Chairman APDU, United National
Party, Sri Lanka
The Lord ASHCROFT KCMG, Conservative Party, United Kingdom
Political Auditor
Mrs. Eva GUSTAVSSON, Head of International Office, Moderate Party Sweden
Executive Secretary
Mr. Eirik MOEN, the Conservative Party of Norway


My next favourite topic is the Drug Menace. I am working on it right now and I need some help! Let us assembly all the information with names and positions in the NPP


Nana Akyea Mensah