Monday, December 22, 2008

News Flash:Rawlings Hit List Is A Fake

I have received an e-mail from Mr. Ali-Masmadi Jehu-Appiah, it leaves me in no doubt that the supposed hit list of Rawlings is a fake.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nana Akyea Mensah has left a new comment on the post "NPP,NDC disappointed Ghanaians says Nduom":


I am a CPP member and I have been so since my teen age into what is now a middle age. Everything thing that the CPP is saying here is true. The question though is, has the CPP said everything it has to say on the impending vote?

How is the CPP reading and responding to the most important political imperative at stake; the consolidation of the NPP dynasty in power to facilitate their steep descent into officially corrupt constitutional despots through long-term manipulation and stragulation of the Judiciary, the use of rubber-stamp NPP parliamentarians and an Executive whose lists of opinions, even on local matters, are supplied by London and Washington?

This vote is crucial to national liberation from the disgusting neo-colonialism of the NPP of the same proportion and significance as the CPP's battle for Independence in 1957!

It is clear we can not make it on our own. Our primary revolutionary duty is to prevent an NPP consolidation of power and strenthen the people's ability to change governments peacefully and democratically. This is the legacy history is asking from the CPP today!

The tergiversative proclivities of Ndoum is a clear indication that he is sticking hard to his deal with the NPP! The CPP must not go along with this! To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards out of men! Let us go forth with a tactical choice between change and continuity and support the NDC against the NPP!

Some one must slap Ndoum gently on the cheeks to wake him up from his pleasant dreams of winning this election and ask him to make himself more relevant by reading through the dynamics of change blowing through Ghana and offer a responsible leadership, for the first time in his life! He must study carefully and quickly what has happened to his old accomplice, the right very much honorable, Mr. Freddy Blay Mugabe d'Ellembelle!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ghana goes biofuel, despite global food crisis

Ghana goes biofuel, despite global food crisis

The Jatropha

The Jatropha

Ghana is set to begin biofuel production very soon, despite mounting evidence of biofuels’ effects on the current global food crisis.

Only recently, the government of Ghana gave approval for a Norwegian biofuels firm ScanFuel to start production early 2009. The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thor Hesselberg said on Friday November 21, 2008 that the company is expected to produce 5000 barrels per day of crude oil equivalent by 2015.

According to reports the ScanFuel’s operation is located outside Kumasi in the Ashanti region. ScanFuel will initially cultivate Jatropha seeds, considered high oil-yielding on 10,000 hectares of land. More....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The United National Party(UNP) and The International Democratic Union(IDU) By Darmitha-Kotte

The United National Party(UNP) and The International Democratic Union(IDU)
By Darmitha-Kotte

"The Island" dated 4th October 2006 carried a tiny news report "Ranil to Sydney" in which it is stated thus: "Opposition and UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe will leave for Sydney,Australia today to participate in special sessions of The International Democratic Union(IDU),Asia Pacific to be held from 5-7 October. Wickramasinghe is the President of IDU, Asia Pacific. After the Asia Pacific special sessions he will participate in the World Democratic Union special session."

Until Chandrika Kumaratunga became the Executive President of this country, most citizens believed that she was a good Buddhist. They voted her into power for the "Bandaranaike " name in the hope that she will serve to preserve the Sinhala Buddhist culture of this country.

Similarly, those who know the UNP and who often say " even if you slit our veins, it is "green colour" that runs through them, we will always vote for UNP" are in for a new surprise with his trip to Sydney to attend the International Democratic Union Asia Pacific meeting to be held between 5th -7th October 2006. Sri Lankans who swear by the fact that Ranil Wickramasinghe is a Buddhist and that UNP is a pro-Buddhist Party must know the truth of his current trip to Sydney to attend this conference.

The explanation given in the wikipedia(free encyclopedia) states that " International Democrat Union(IDU) is an international grouping of conservative and Christian democratic political parties. Formed in 1983, the IDU provides a forum in which political parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organizational interest, in order that they might act cooperatively, establish contacts, and present a unified voice toward the promotion of center-right policies across the globe. The group was founded by several prominent heads of state and government, including Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, Vice President of the United States of America George H.W.Bush, Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac. At present, the group, headquartered in London,England and comprising 45 full or associate members is chaired by Prime Minister of Australia John Howard The IDU is associated with several regional organizations-The Democratic Union of Africa, Americas Democratic Union,Asia Pacific Democratic Union, Caribbean Democrat Union and European Democrat Union- as well as the International Young Democrat Union and International Women's Democrat Union. "

In section 1 "Full member parties" there is a list of names of countries who are full member parties(45 as mentioned above). Atleast 97% of these countries are originally Christian whether they be Church of England, Protestants, Catholic, Greek Orthodox or any other sects anyway. Under "Sri Lanka"- the United National Party is also listed as a full member! Ranil Wickramasinghe is President of IDU Asia Pacific region.

Now we Sri Lankans might be able " to open our eyes" and look back at the immediate past under the UNP rule and understand a lot of things that happened in this country. When Ranil Wickramasinghe became Prime Minister in 2001 he appointed a Cabinet of Ministers of whom over 60% were Christians by faith; he appointed John Amaratunga as Minister in charge of Interior Affairs under which Public Security and Police come as well as the Dept of Immigration & Emigration (so Visas were freely granted to inbound Evangelists to spread the faith) and he was also the Minister of Christian Affairs; during this period the Police were instructed to ensure that the whole month of December was celebrated for Christmas with lighting( in a predominantly Buddhist country); Buddhist ceremonies were given step-motherly treatment and in some cases directives were given not to issue permits for loudspeakers even for important Buddhist functions like Wesak and Poson; all illegal prayer centers around the country were given police protection in residential areas; Police were instructed to ignore complaints made by Buddhists when they complained about illegal religious activities which created social disharmony within villages; the Catholic Archbishop Rt.Rev. Oswild Gomis was appointed Chancellor of Colombo University; permission was granted for Christian Evangelical groups to conduct "Open Air Prayer Healing " sessions in close proximity to Buddhist temples so that Buddhist ceremonies would be drowned by the loudspeaker noises of the healing sessions etc etc- we can name many more such issues which were conducted to create religious disharmony! It was also during Ranil Wickramasinghe's time that LTTE terrorists were given their homeland almost with his signing of the LTTE/Norway drafted CFA. It was again during his time that we saw the likes of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardane who is an ardent Catholic jumping into the midst of all major Buddhist ceremonies and even conduct the "Chuda Manike" from Kelaniya to Jaffna as if we were short of Buddhists to do this!

In order to win the Sinhala Buddhist vote Ranil Wickramasinghe even published a book on Buddhism under his name( we are quite sure it was written by someone else), he promised to build the biggest Stupa in Sri Lanka (not knowing that we already had it!), his friend and school mate the Chief Incumbent of Kelaniya Vihare conducted many Buddhist functions with Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Chief Guest- all this to dupe and hood-wink the Sinhala Buddhist into believing that he is a true Buddhist!

We can now understand why Ranil Wickramasinghe is not relinquishing his post as leader of UNP because he is also the President of IDU Asia Pacific region and the western governments want him to hold on, for their own hidden agendas to destroy Sri Lanka's Buddhist heritage. We can now also understand why for every minute problem in Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickramasinghe would send his confidante Milinda Pinto Moragoda to America or to other western countriesto get advise from the heads of those countries, even at the risk of such advise being to the detriment of the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

The UNP has never been a political party that represented the ordinary masses- it was always a political party that represented the interests of the business community and the elitist society in the country. Why would the international community of IDU elect Ranil Wickramasinghe as President of Asia Pacific if they were not convinced of his religious and political allegiance to Christian interests? This is also an eye-opener for us to know that Norway is also a full member of the the IDU!

This is a good question to ask ourselves and keep in mind at ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS in Sri Lanka- that the UNP can never be trusted to safeguard the interests of the Sinhala Buddhists in this country anymore.