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Resist AFRICOM Action Kit!

Africa Faith and Justice Network & the Resist AFRICOM Group have just released a special kit to facilitate resistance to the US Africa Command ambitions on our continent.

Nana Akyea Mensah is very pleased to note that our humble Corner has been included in the Useful Articles and Resources section of the kit. More...

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World Food Day: Tell Congress to Listen to African Farmers!

Africa Faith & Justice Network
16 October 2009 22:12

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Dear Nana Akyea,

World Food Day is an occasion for citizens and global leaders alike to reflect on the state of global food security in the world. And in light of the triple threat of elevate food prices, the global financial meltdown, and the changing climate, the news is far from positive - The FAO recently reported that a record 1 billion people go hungry on a daily basis. Such staggering figures will only get worse if world leaders do not act fast.
At the helm of Congress' efforts on the issue is the Global Food Security Act of 2009, introduced to the Senate last spring by Senators Lugar and Casey. While the bill should be praised for its commitment to a more nuanced approach to food assistance, the bill also mandates funding for "research on biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions, including genetically modified technology." Such a provision is essentially a "subsidy to corporate research and development goals, and is not targeted toward the most effective, appropriate, or cost-efficient technologies," according to a policy brief from Food First.

Click here to send a letter to your Senator, reminding him or her that World Food Day is the time to rethink the role of biotech in the Global Food Security Act!
Despite the claims that drought-resistant seeds can sustainably feed the world in the face of climate change and a rising population, there has been no proof that genetically modified foods (GMOs) increase yields, and an internationally renowned panel of scientists does not consider them an important component of a sustainable solution to the world's food crises. Instead, those who have been pushing the role of such research are those that stand to benefit - the American agricultural seed and fertilizer corporations.

Thus, along with GMO seeds comes the classic, resource-intensive, top-down, corporate driven model of agriculture that failed to bring food security during the first Green Revolution, and ultimately resulted in ecological destruction, massive rural displacement, and debt-ridden farmers financially tied to the firms selling seeds and chemical inputs. In the face of proposed Green Revolution for Africa, African farmers, community leaders, scientists, and development organizations have all been saying NO! to GMOs and to the American corporate profit interests that continue to steer the efforts in that direction.

Tell Congress that it is time to listen! Click here to tell your Senator to remove the GMO mandate from the Global Food Security Act!

In Peace,

Rocco, Bahati, and Allison

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who has responed to our special fundraising appeal. We have had tremendous success in trying to reach $40,000 before the end of the month, but we still need your support. If you haven't yet, please consider donating to help AFJN keep up such advocacy efforts!


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Author: iddrissu

The managing editor of the Insight Newspaper, a private newspaper based in Accra, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr has rubbished the sale of Ghana Telecom by the former NPP administration to Vodafone UK.

He accuses the former president John Kuffour and his New Patriotic Party administration for selling state properties.

Mr. Pratt was speaking on radio gold programme dubbed “Alhaji and Alhaji” in Accra last week Saturday.

He said former president Kuffour did not care about the welfare of Ghanaians majority who are poor at heart. President Kuffour was using the presidency to exploit state resources.

Mr. Pratt wondered why former president Kuffour went into agreement with Vodafone UK and agreed on terms without the informing his minister.

He added that former president Kuffour did not study the terms of the agreement and noticed the implication “weather the deal was right or wrong.”

The managing editor of the Insight took a swipe at the members of parliament for taking of $5000 dollars bribery each to support the sale of 70% share holder of Ghana government to Vodafone UK.

The bribery allegation came to light when an Accra based radio stations granted an interview to sitting Member of Parliament of the opposition NPP, Mr. P.C Appiah Offori.

The MP was quoted by saying he and other membersof his colleagues received five thousand dollars at the castle, the seat of government during the NPP administration.

Mr. P.C Appiah Offori, who is also an anti corruption crusader admitted of receiving $5000 dollars bribe at the castle in Accra but said he was ready pay back the money ask to do so.

Due to his stand as an anti corruption crusade, some high ranking members of the New Patriotic Party are calling for his resignation from the party.

Mr. P.C. Appiah Offori was accused of being in bed with the current National Democratic Congress administration.

On his part, Mr. Kwesi Pratt commended the NDC administration and president Mills for taking a first step by setting up the commission of inquiry to review the sale and purchase agreement of Vodafone and government of Ghana.

He called on president Mills to use the 1992 constitution to protect the country and said “take over Vodafone and take it back”.

He also called on President Mill to use the executive powers vested in him by the constitution to protect the interest of the poor majority of Ghanaian population.

About the Author:

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CONTACT NUMBER:+233-243223244


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By Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.

An Open Letter From An Old Friend To:

Mr. Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo,

Regional Minister,

Bono Ahafo Regional Administration,


Republic of Ghana.

Thursday, 15th October, 2009.

Hello Mr. Marfo,


Warm greetings! This is Nana Akyea of Oguaa Hall. A friend of Santos. We've drank beer several times together. Long time, how are you?

Please, kindly permit me to express my very warm appreciation of your courage and wisdom to right an important wrong that was perpetrated against the honour of the Bono people in the extra-judicial assassination and political disappearance of Kwame Nkrumah at Sunyani. As an old friend, you are indeed a source of personal pride. I wish you long life and prosperity. Please forgive me that after such a long silence, I just bump in to you with this. This is an issue that, if you follow me on twitter, you would see reverberates from Sunyani Park to far away lands like the Bahamas! The whole world is watching us and we need to be bold enough to do the right thing with courage and confidence in the rightness of our cause. I wish to encourage you not to cede to threats of barbaric acts. It shall amount to surrendering our birth rights to their imperialist owners! That is not what Nkrumah taught us.

Honourable Sir! I am sure you know the story very well. Since this is a matter of public interest, I shall undertake to give a full account, to the best of my abilities, to explain to the younger generation of Ghanaians whose history is being stolen away from them right in front of everybody's nose. The first time my attention was drawn to the phenomenon of Busia's bust at the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park in Suyani, whose name, had also been surreptitiously changed to Jubilee Park by the NPP government, was in an article with a title, that those familiar with the author would find predictable: “Nkrumah's Divide-and-Conquer Legacy Grips Brong-Ahafo” By: Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame, (Ghanweb Feature Article, 2009-09-30). The general impression the article sought to create was that of some mischievous opportunists taking advantage of the Nkrumah Centenary celebrations to rob the Busia-Danquah tradition of something that rightly belonged to them.

The complain was:

“It is rather ironic that just about the same time that President John Evans Atta-Mills was calling on Ghanaians, irrespective of ideological suasion, to harmoniously rally around the non-birth centenary celebration of former President Nkrumah’s birthday, a woefully misguided and, perhaps, fanatical traditional ruler in the Brong-Ahafo Region was fervidly engineering the execrable removal of a bronze statue bearing the image of the region’s most distinguished citizen and former Ghanaian prime minister Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, from Sunyani’s Golden Jubilee Park, in order to replace the latter with one in the image of Mr. Kwame Nkrumah, postcolonial Ghana’s first premier. Needless to say, no morbid act of desecration could be more criminal!” (Okoampa-Ahoofe)

The irony rather was in the complaint itself. The change of the name of the park, under the Kufour Administration, from Sunyani Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, to the so-called Sunyani Golden Jubilee Park, was the first move to obliterate Kwame Nkrumah's special links with the region's history. That same park has been called Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, ever since the Sunyani Centre for National Culture (CNC), was built in the 1960s. In fact, the reason why it was called Nkrumah Park was because it was a piece of land specifically set aside by Kwame Nkrumah to be used for cultural activities which included durbars of chiefs and people of the Bono whom Nkrumah met on several occasions on these very same grounds.

That is not all. There are very important historical reasons why the attempt to blot out Nkrumah and smuggle Busia into this particular park is particularly repugnant. The fact of the matter is that everybody knows that once upon a time the people of the Bono Ahafo got very tired of their centuries of feudal servitude to the Ashanti hegemonic and aggressive, violent and supremacist capture of the Bonos, which they used to refer to as Western Ashanti. "As will be recalled," writes Abena Pokuaa Atuahene Ackah, “Bono Ahafo was a province of the Ashanti Kingdom - a condition that gave effective ownership of the human and natural resources of the Bonos to the Ashanti King. In all history, no people have flourished in slavery and servitude. This fate of the Bonos remained unchanged until 1948, when Nana Akumfi Ameyaw III, the Omanhene of Techiman, led Techiman to secede from the Ashanti confederacy (Austin, 1964, p. 294). The secession of Techiman was supported by Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu I, Dormaahene, Drobohene, Nkoranzahene, Berekumhene, Bechemhene, Kukuomhene, Abeasehene, Mohene and some of the Brong states."

Round One: Kofi Busia of Wenchi versus Kwame Nkrumah of Africa.

The attitudes of the two characters in the history of the formation of the region were diametrically opposed. Even though Kofi Abrefa Busia hailed from the region, and was also an elected Member of Parliament, he refused to support the struggle for the Independence struggle of the Bono against the Ashanti domination of his own people. He became a part of the problem of the Bono people. With his education and his clout, this was by no means a small problem. His own brother, Nana Kusi Appiah, who was then the occupant of the Wenchi Stool also refused to attend any of the meetings of the Brong Kyempem Federation nor to lend it any support whatsoever.

Whilst Busia was collaborating with the Ashantis, whom he was busy representing in parliament, as they helped to elect him, and vehemently opposing the Brong Kyempem Federation, as a veritable thorn in the flesh of his own people, Nkrumah stepped in, full of grace, wisdom and understanding. Ms Abena Pokuaa Atuahene Ackah again:

“Convinced in the justice of their cause, the Bono chiefs presented a petition to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for total secession from Ashanti. After deliberations, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah called for a referendum on the matter. But the Bono chiefs rejected a referendum on the grounds that, against the Ashantis, they were not sufficiently resourced to campaign for votes. Under the unrelenting pressure of the Bono chiefs, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah took a firm decision and on the 4th of April 1959 the Brong Ahafo Region was created and Mr. Yeboah Afari, who came from Dormaa Ahenkro, was appointed first Regional Commissioner for the region. In 1961, when Nana Abrefa Mbore Bediatuo VI became the 3rd president of the Regional House of Chiefs, he appealed to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for a proper secretariat to be built for the Regional House of Chiefs. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah readily gave ₤700. The edifice was built but later got burnt; and Dr Nkrumah’s government rebuilt it.”

Kofi Busia of Wenchi versus Kwame Nkrumah of Africa: Technical Knock-Out!

The Golden Rule is that you do unto others, as you wish others to do unto you. After failing to physically assassinate him, a group of people that even the CIA refers to as “pathetically pro-Western” succeeded in an organised military aggression against the state, the Constitution and the democratically elected government of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Thereafter, they set about to burn his books, break down his statues, burn his effigies and ban the mere mention of his name or the keeping of his photographs or images associated with him. They even said that they were promoting freedom of expression by gagging Ghanaians against the mere mention of the obviously scary name: Kwame Nkrumah!

I find the attempt to change the name of Kwame Nkrumah Park to Golden Jubilee Park, and on top of that putting a bust of Busia in it as a part of the vaporisation process initiated by the imperialist motivated coup of 1966. It is not Nkrumah they are aiming at, it is our independence they are smuggling away to the imperialists. The reason why this matters is because the political struggle to rehabilitate Nkrumah to his rightful place in our history as the real Osagyefo of Sunyani, of the Bono people, of Ghana, of Africa, and of all black people wherever they may be found, is in the final analysis, an attempt to assert ourselves as a proud and independent people. We wish to insist on re-building the political kingdom Nkrumah wanted to build which was destroyed in 1966. These same people who worked day and night to see to its destruction are the very same people who do not even want Nkrumah's name even to mentioned, let alone his good works continued!

If the bust of Busia at the Nkrumah Park had not been a simultaneous and deliberate attempt to obliterate Nkrumah's name and elevate Busia's in such a flagrant manner and in complete disrespect to history and protocol of the people and chiefs of the Bono Region, I would neither have been this concerned, nor this much incensed. If this were new, and were to be the first time the Busia-Danquah tradition, particularly the Busia component of that tradition, was displaying utter contempt to the wishes of the people and chiefs of the Bono people, I would probably not have given it the time I am dedicating to it now. The Busia-Danquah version of the freedom of expression has once included the mere mentioning of Kwame Nkrumah's name as a veritable criminal offence. And one must quickly add that this was not during the military NLC days, but the Constitution-guided Second Republic, when the champion of democracy, Professor Kofi Abrefa Busia himself was Prime Minister! So, in many ways, this is not new. What is new is the issue of threats by the NPP and promising hell and brimstone if the thieving-bust of that bastard is busted. I find this very much out of character! This is the reason why this article must be seen as a humble appeal to the NPP thieves to save themselves from further embarrassments, and to kindly remove the offending material from the park in time, before it faces the inevitable revolutionary consequences.

A history that screams! Nkrumah Is Coming Back!

For the avoidance of any doubts, We want peace, but in this case, peace is not the absence of war, but the absence of Kofi Busia's bust at the Sunyani Kwame Nkrumah Park! Peace is restoring what was stolen. Peace is dismantling the top-down imposition of monuments on the people through the back door. As Abena Pokuaa Atuahene Ackah, in POLITICAL INFAMY: What is Busia doing at Nkrumah Park?, puts it: “ monuments and street-naming are normally initiated by the people through their Regional House of Chiefs in conjunction with the Assembly of the relevant district. In this particular case the NPP government ignored administrative protocol, with implication of contempt for the interest and aspiration of the chiefs and their people - a conduct quite revealing of the self-styled champions of the rule of law in Ghana.” Why would a thief have the nerve to complain when caught? What kind of impudence is that? Any one remembers a hardcore fool asking President Mills to concede defeat to a certain short man even after winning the run-off with a clear 50+1 majority? Read “Atta-Mills Must Concede Defeat!” by Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D. Feature Article | Wed, 31 Dec 2008!

One would have thought that the NPP members behind such negative acts would have come to their senses, realise the sorry image this casts of them, and apologize for the obviously indefensible and very wrongful attempt to re-write the history of this country and occupy a space that so evidently and clearly does not belong to them. This amounts to political burglary. It is no longer stealing because there is nothing stealthy about what is now a public debate. Nor are the threats being issued against the deportation of Busia's bust from the Nkrumah Park weaken the creeping impression that we have to call the bluff. The bust must be removed. If anyone wants to find out if they can be disciplined or not, they can contact the nearest police station!

Considering the transparent day-light robbery of the history of the Bono people by the NPP in one single stroke, I consider it a revolutionary duty to ensure that this is reversed. The dignity and special prestige Kwame Nkrumah enjoys among the Bono people over and above Kofi Abrefa Busia, a Bono himself, has a special place in the history of the Bono people going over centuries. It is a history of the Bono's liberation struggle against the Ashanti hegemonism and belligerence. Busia was nothing but a traitor to his own people when he sided with the Ashantis against the struggle of the Bonos to break free from the Ashantis and their king. On the contrary, Nkrumah was instrumental in not only facilitating the process, but also in keeping the Ashantis under tight control as the Bonos began their new life in freedom. Thus in life as it is in death, Kofi Abrefa Busia is a persona non grata at the Sunyani Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park! In case of any misbehaviour ensuing from the much awaited eviction of Kofi Busia from the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, I call upon the police not to hesitate to express in police terms, our total condemnation of their stupidities, jointly and severally!

Show them where power lies!

This removal must be made very quickly because of the threats they issued against it. There must be no room for negotiations because there is nothing to negotiate with threats This is very important because it may define and modify their behaviour if they are properly shown where power lies. More than the mere removal of the bust itself, it is very crucial to peace in general, to explain very clearly to the NPP cliques who are fooling around issuing these threats that it is “game over.” It is indispensable to the peaceful evolution of our current democratic experiment not to cede to threats and politically motivated violence, especially when they are so awfully wrong. It has to be dealt with drastically. They need to be taught a few lessons before they realise that it was time to be humble and civil, and not to steal around! We have no intention of letting them have their way because these antics have implications on the fundamental choices facing us as a people, such as the need for change, what needs to be changed, and the direction of such a change. This striving at massaging our monuments and parks to systematically obliterate our most important national memories, is a willfully mean attempt to cause injury to the good people of Ghana. And the police must not forget this if they dare to carry out their threats! We shall be there to teach them the grammar of Pan-Africanism, and the growing manners of its articulation in our streets, so that they don't stand in the way of the people and their history.

In the name of God, Kick Busia off the park for me please, my friend!

Tear away the bust of Kofi Busia from the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and if you have nowhere else to put it in the whole of Wenchi, just dump it on his grave and let's get on with our lives in peace!

Thanks for your kind attention.


Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.

Let's exchange news and views,

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Sunday, October 4, 2009


By Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.

Nana Akyea Mensah

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    The days following 21st September 2009 have been so much filled with news about Ghana's founding father to such an extent that I was a bit curious about the last one, whilst browsing the news. I came across "Kufuor Meets NPP-USA. " "Eih! This man, this could be interesting. Let's see the latest from him. We did not hear a word from him on the Nkrumah Centenary and could be very jealous of the fame the dead president has over and above the living ones!"

    I read:

    "Chairman Agyei Yeboah asked the members present to introduce themselves to the former president. After the introduction, he moderated a question and answer session. Former President Kufour took time to answer the questions from the well-attended meeting and those who were on the phone lines from different states across the USA. Below is the synopsis of some of the answers given by his Excellency, President J.A. Kufour. "

    The questions ranged from "Dual citizenship" "recognition of the members of the diaspora by visiting executives of the party, ROPAA, Agenda for 2012, public relations, and curiously, the last question was:


    To which the president responded:

    NPP USA Report: "He said hypocrisy has prevented Ghanaians from talking about politics as a business and that any need for fund-raising has been deemed as corruption. He advised that we should come up with creative methods to raise funds that are legal."

    I am sure President Kufour is here referring to the CONTROVERSIAL illegal fund-raising activity by the Whitaker Group in Washington on the 4th of June, 2008, which had the potential of landing the two leading NPP Presidential candidates, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo and Allan Kyeremanteng in US jail! It is quite interesting following the evolution of this story. The first time the news broke out, it was The Enquirer that came out with the sensational find:

    Quantcast"In downtown Washington DC, two luxurious black Cadillacs, belonging to the Ghana Embassy in Washington DC, pulled up in front of Hotel Hyatt & Resorts, located on 24 M Streets, Nw, Washington, DC 20037 on Wednesday, June 4, 2008. In the first car, three well-dressed men in suit, namely Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ghana's Ambassador to the USA and Alan Kyeremanten, an ex-Ghana's Ambassador to the USA, who was also an NPP Flagbearer-aspirant, popped out of the vehicles." (See images)

    The story was that the "occasion was a fund-raising luncheon hosted by The Whitaker Group, a company owned by Rosa Whitaker, the new wife of Bishop Duncan Williams of Action Chapel International, who was recently introduced to church members in Accra." It took less than a few nano seconds to read a spirited response from my onw grandson, Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr. In an article to which he gave the title "A Slapstick Comedy", he writes:

    "Thus, it was quite interesting to read an article titled “The Enquirer: Akufo Addo Busted in America” on As usual, the sensational caption pointed to the comic thrust of the article, content-wise, that is..."

    "What makes the article worth reading," Okoampa argues, "if only to get a great kick out of the intellectual levity of its authors, regards the embarrassingly sophomoric posture facilely assumed by these authorial scumbags and would-be mischief-makers. For instance, the writers note a fund-raising luncheon having been hosted by Ms. Rosa Whitaker, a former United States’ Deputy Trade Secretary for Africa, under both the Clinton and Bush II administrations."

    "The obvious semiotic angle here, of course, is that Nana Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) cohorts may well have breached Ghana’s campaign laws. Interestingly, what the Enquirer writers predictably gloss over, thus readily giving themselves away as journalistic journeymen, is the stark reality of the fact that Ms. Rosa Whitaker, an African-American, just recently got married to Bishop Duncan Williams, a bona fide Ghanaian citizen and substantive prelate of the Action Chapel International." By: Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame, "A Slapstick Comedy", (2008-06-10)

    The trouble though was that Ms Whitaker had no right to raise funds for the NPP in the USA. Indeed she could do so but that would be illegal. Apparently that is what really happened. I say so because it was a fact that Nana Addo was in the states for dollars to finance his campaign, and thos was the most high profile group, money-wise that he met. What is very interesting is the fact that even though the itenary of Nana Akufo Addo had been well-publicized, this meeting on the 4th of June is conspicuously absent in all such announcements. For me, the very choice of that date is suspect because it is probably calculated with the desperate hope that the NDC people would be too busy following Rawlings than to follow Akuffo Addo's dash into the Hotel Hyat And Resorts, 24 M Street, Nw Washington, DC 20037 on Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

    Rosa Whitaker came out with an attempt at denial:


    Pursuant to a recent article in the Enquirer regarding the Washington, DC visit by Honorable Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (MP) to an economic policy luncheon hosted by the Whitaker Group, I would like to correct the Enquirer reporter that the event held on June 4, 2008 was indeed a policy discussion on investment, job creation and economic growth in Ghana and not a fundraiser, as reported. In fact, the official invitation specifically stated that the event was a non-political lunch discussion. None of the guests paid to attend or for their lunch; and funds were not solicited. Rather, the Whitaker Group utilized the occasion of the visit to promote Ghana, as it often does when Ghanaian leaders are in Washington, DC.

    It is against US law to contribute or solicit funds for foreign candidates. The Whitaker Group has never endorsed political candidates abroad or contributed to political parties or candidates abroad. For over a decade, The Whitaker Group's principal and staff have helped to generate capital, jobs, and opportunities for the Ghanaian and other African economies. The Whitaker Group will continue to do so with the highest integrity. Please allow this statement to set the record straight.

    Please contact Robert SanGeorge at (202) 293-1453 or for additional information."


    This was against the backdrop of very lively radio discussions on the subject of the Akufo Addo trip at this time of the campaign. During the Newspaper Review on Super Morning Show hosted by Mr. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Thursday 12, June - 2008, Mr. Kofi Ansah read out the following story, among others:

    "The Accra Daily Mail, Stay Home and Campaing Nana Akufo Addo told, and Party Chairman Mr. Peter Mac Manu Accused.

    And the story by Isaac Essel says "A very vocal member of the NPP Mr. Idrisu Musah also known as Musah Superior, has called on NPP's presidential candidate Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo to stop travelling abroad for the remaining months leading to the December elections.

    The candidate almost immediately after his election in December last year, to lead the NPP into elections 2008, hit the ground flying to neighbouring African countries, Europe and the Americas.

    Now Musah Superior says he must suspend those travels for the remainder of the campaign period and advises him that spending time abroad at this crucial moment would not fetch the party the needed votes to win the December elections."

    I have bothered to recount this in order to produce the radio discussion that ensued:

    Kofi: "Meanwhile, I am sure Nana will say he has to go and raise funds for ... "

    Kojo: "As well as erh, engage other people who might be interested in erh, you know, his tenure."

    Kojo: "If you were running for president, Kofi, would you go out during your campaign period?"

    Kofi: "Why not?"

    Kojo: "You would go out...?"

    Kofi: "I mean it depends, because if there are some things needed to be done outside, you know,..."

    Kojo: "but the electors are here!"

    Kofi: " ...which will still inure to the benfit of the party, because Charlie, if you need money, if you look at all these bill boards going up..."

    Kojo: "But the guys who are voting are here!"

    Kofi: "Eeh, but you still need cash."

    Kojo: "He he he!"

    Kofi: "And Allan Cash alone cannot give you ..."

    Source: Super Morning Show, Thursday 12, June - 2008, (transcript by the writer.)

    Click here to listen:

    Super Morning Show, Thursday 12, June - 2008

    From his very "critical thinking" skills,Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe, Jr. shed some light on what he called "The Whitaker fund-raising" that this was no doubt a fund raising activity organized by a fully qualified Ghanaian and very eminent citizen, which was well-attended by Ghanaians citizens.

    It was therefore very much in order that in his famous rebuttal of the Enquirer, Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe would say:

    "The obvious semiotic angle here, of course, is that Nana Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) cohorts may well have breached Ghana's campaign laws. Interestingly, what the Enquirer writers predictably gloss over, thus readily giving themselves away as journalistic journeymen, is the stark reality of the fact that Ms. Rosa Whitaker, an African-American, just recently got married to Bishop Duncan Williams, a bona fide Ghanaian citizen and substantive prelate of the Action Chapel International.

    ...In other words, journalists worth their nominal professional designation would have invested some time in thoroughly investigating the citizenship status of Mrs. Williams, who was as recently as only a few weeks ago introduced by her prelate husband to the sitting President of Ghana.

    Another predictable weakness of the story regarded its rather crude racial tinge. It appears that the writers based their indictment of the propriety, or otherwise, of the Whitaker fundraiser solely and merely on the physical appearance and outlook of most of the attendees. Thus, to the preceding effect, the Enquirer's tattlers write: "A scan through the room revealed that about ninety percent of the guests at the fundraising event were foreigners, mostly white Americans and some African Americans."

    ... I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep in having the culprits imprisoned for life! In any case, just who told the Enquirer writers that one can simply "scan through [sic] a room" and accurately conclude that a "mostly white American[-] and African-American[-]"looking audience may also just as well not be composed of a sizable number of Ghanaian citizens? And just who told these gossips that all Ghanaians look stereotypically African, and all African-looking people in the United States, particularly at a fund-raising event for Ghanaian politicians are, perforce, African-American? And exactly how does one go about determining the identity and/or nationality of any gathering of people by simply peeking, spectator fashion?

    .... And who said every Ghanaian-born resident of the United States carries a Ghanaian passport, anyway? Or even that such a person gives a whit about the dual-citizenship nonsense?

    In essence, what we are doing here is called "Critical Thinking/Critical Analysis," a central and indispensable tenet of good and creative journalism. And on either score, the Enquirer's writers are abject professional nonstarters. A Slapstick Comedy, By: Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame, 2008-06-10. (Please note: *Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D., is Associate Professor of English, Journalism and Creative Writing at Nassau Community College of the State University of New York, Garden City. He is the author of 17 books, including "Ghanaian Politics Today" (Atumpan Publications/, 2008). E-mail: okoampaahoofe@a)

    The problem here is that Okoampa thought that by making Lady Rosa a Ghanaian citizen they could get away with the illegality of the fund-raising. Thus the more he defended her the more stupidly he put her into trouble with the US law enforcing authorities! Apparently Ms Whitaker has been sufficiently discreet about the event for obvious reasons. The press was not invited. Nana Akufo Addo kept the public in the dark about the event until it was exposed by the Enquirer. What even made it laughable was the way the key players in the saga kept contradicting each other.

    I liked the way that Mr Kofi A. Boateng, the Chairman of NPP-USA described the purpose of Hon. Nana Akufo-Addo's trip as " This is a golden moment for us to achieve two goals – expose the 2008 NPP Presidential Candidate to as many Ghanaians as possible who will in turn influence votes for NPP in Ghana; and raise the profile of NPP in the USA and Canada with regards to our ability to assist massively in all respects in the 2008 elections to ensure a resounding victory for NPP led by Nana Akufo- Addo"

    It seems President Kufour the ex-president is here pointing out that the party must henceforth not engage in illegal fund-raising activities would like to draw the attention of the American Federal Board of Investigations to help defend the rule of law in the United States of American and at the same time do a very great service to our fledging democracy in Ghana which has received praises from no less a person than the US President Barak Obama!

    The real problem is that we are being told that even though Nana Akufo Addo was in the USA to raise funds, the major event involving people with vested interests in Ghana, was just an economic policy luncheon. Whom do you want to believe that? And why do big companies like to finance certain political parties? The answer is simple. Parties that turn a blind eye on environmental protection, labour laws, public health standards are good for business because the enforcement of these laws cost money and affect profits significantly. What else is thus better than a few thousand dollars to the man that "Lady Rosa" is calling "the next president of Ghana" who appears to be so "business friendly"?

    What was so amazing was the miserable role Dr. Arthur Kobinah Kennedy, Akuffo Addo's Communications Director, was made to play to defend the indefensible:

    "Regarding the Whitaker Group event, no mention was made by either Nana Akufo-Addo or the organisers or any member of the delegation of finances for the campaign. Indeed the campaign is fully aware of the laws of Ghana regarding soliciting funds from non-Ghanaians for political purposes.

    The group was made up of people with substantial investments in Ghana and also of others who have an interest in investing in Ghana. The meeting was therefore to afford Nana Akufo-Addo the opportunity to explain his vision of transforming the Ghanaian economy and creating a modern society. That was just what happened at the meeting."

    It must be very instructive to take note of another article "Arthur Kennedy is a Pathological Liar" By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D.
    Feature Article | Thu, 23 Aug 2007!

    Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro
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