Thursday, March 19, 2009



My dear Mr. Sarpong,

I must be honest enough to admit that I knew you were a fool. What I did not know was its extent and extraordinary dimensions! It's a great pity that this is not a marketable talent, otherwise I'd probably be communicating with a millionaire!

This is a public forum. It seeks to assemble all Ghanaians to express their views, share their frustrations, debate each other on important national issues of concern to all of us. When I started participating in this forum, I was so shocked at the absence of courtesy and decorum. After a few years nothing really shocks me. One thing I am unable to get used to is the frequency of ethnocentrism and the fanning of inter-ethnic hatred. I think this is particularly obnoxious, even if we did not need each other to build the only country and continent that we have.

It might be unknown to you that some of us target the most virulent fools on the web, who breed inter-ethnic hatred and a false sense of superiority complex, and shoot them down! The only way you can get away with it is to do as your own conscience seems to be telling you about the shame you expressed about your "Tuobodom" and "EWES does" posts!

You are hereby informed that you are on Nana Akyea's range because of these crimes against Nkrumahism and nation-building. You have the right to remain silent, the right to consult your lawyer, but no matter what you do, if you continue to make ethnocentric postings and false airs of superiority, I shall shoot you down each time with a riposte!

Calling any group of people foolish and illiterate simply because they did not vote for the NPP, accompanied with grammatical bullets, now has a name. I name it after you. It is called Sarpongnese! Sarpongnese is a way of talking nonsense about Asante superiority complex with a repertoire of grammatical bullets, a rare form of suicidal stupidity that unwittingly provokes speech designed to give their beloved queen a heart-attack, and to simultaneously ensure the eternal defeat of the Ashanti supremacists in all non-Akyem and non-Ashanti Regions of Ghana! It's a great job. NPP would be proud of you!

What kind of nonsense is this? What can I say? The cheap NPP members who have lost all the political arguments now pretend to be misunderstood by illiterates who support the NDC! They like to pass as scholars, speaking in US slang with their Twi 'L' and 'R' at each other's throat! Dr. Tony Aidoo has observed that the deliveries are invariably characterised by the Twi "L" and "R" actually entering into "mortal combat for diphtong supremacy"!

I am honest and confident enough to admit my mistakes. I REALISE them! Do you even REALISE your bullets? A fool like you have the nerve to feel superior to others just on the basis of your tribe alone!!! Is that why the NPP does not want to "release" the "flagbearership" of their party to the other members of the "inferior" tribes?

You don't even have a sense of shame! I have warned you several times that it is obvious from your struggling grammar that you are nowhere near a scholar, so stop putting people down, simply because disagree with them. You have no right to tell anyone in this forum he or she is lacking in scholarship because you are not a scholar yourself! It is very obvious! Only a fool like you would think that this would not stand out. It does. It stands out! You must above all try not to ridicule people you disagree with on the basis of a language you have no command of. It is disgusting when you do that in the current state of your grammar. If you enjoy showing off as a scholar, please take my piece of advice, go to school! You may also get some private tuition and stop disturbing our ears with your bullets!

Let me be very kind enough to remind you that the NPP still wants the Volta and Bono votes! We do not win them with insults and a tribal superiority complex! It is suicidal stupidity to attempt to defend any political party in a democratic country with ethnocentrism!

As for your quack scholarship, my only public concern is that you might end up as a quack doctor, if you are made to believe you can get away with it! That is why I am on you like this. Please don't take it personal! I am sorry if I have given you the impression of infallibility on the part of my royal blood!! It is a matter of public interest!

Nana Akyea Mensah, the Odikro