Monday, November 5, 2012

Is The NPP Playing 419 With Ghanaians?


Feature Article, by Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
In the General News column of Ghanaweb of Monday, 5 November 2012, I came across a mind-boggling experience in the form of a discredited lie that is being recycled in the same manner that dogs eat their vomit. The title of the story was “Come Clean Now! Sammy Awuku Dares Prez Mahama”,
Source: Ghanaian Observer. In fact I was half expecting the NPP Communications Directorate to distance themselves from the original story rather than attempting to recycle the same lie!

It is amazing, that rather than distancing itself from a completely discredited story, the Akufo-Addo Communications Directorate has rather chosen to literally flog a dead horse! This is mind blowing. In the first place, the original story was so stupidly put together, that it should have been easy for any self-respecting organization flag and to make sure not to be seen to be associated with. The original story has been withdrawn from the internet for the simple reason that it is a hoax and does not emanate from Reuters. This is what you get when you google:

Ghana Prez John Mills Was Poisoned, Reuters Reports, this is what you see:
“By request of Thomson Reuters we have removed this feature article in which a correspondent of Reuters is prominently cited. Reuters has not reported any of the information attributed to this reporter and also does not have the mentioned reporter working for their outfit.”

Indeed even after it has emerged that the whole story is a hoax planted as a news story by one Bruce Antoinete of the Reuters, or senior consultant in international relations Dept of Global Travel Journals Network. It now emerges there is no Brice Antoinette and there has never been a news release or report of any sort from Reuters. The “Dept of Global Travel Journals Network” does not exist.

These are dirty politics that we don't even expect the practitioners to own up. The story they had planted mentions names, gives dates, and purports to claim that President Mills intended to investigate his vice-President over suspected corrupt deals with the acquisition of 5 aircrafts including an Embraer 190 and hangar for the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), and that it was because of this that he was poisoned!

The wicked hoax had been debunked completely as bunkums, now we have “the Deputy Director of Communications for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Sammy Awuku, [challenging] President John Dramani Mahama to come clean on the myriads of allegations of corruption hanging around his neck.” It is certainly a monumental surprise of the Campaign 2012 to read that:

“Speaking at a mini rally held at the Ablekuma North constituency in the Grater Accra Region, the NPP firebrand challenged the President to put to rest suggestions that his conduct in the acquisition of 5 aircrafts including an Embraer 190 and hangar for the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) was so suspicious that the late President constituted a Presidential committee to investigate the current President.
'I find as rather interesting that while President Mahama is always quick to respond to policy prescriptions of Nana Akufo-Addo on any platform he mounts, President Mahama has decided to keep mute on allegations leveled against him by Mr. Martin Amidu.'”

This is really gutter politics and unbecoming of a political party vying for office. It is exactly the story that has been debunked that Mr. Samuel Awuku is quoting! If they are such inveterate liars what stories are they going to churn out once they are voted into office?

It is amazing whether these people think they are campaigning in so doing, and also whether or not they know whom they are campaigning for. The only possible explanation is that either we are dealing with a genuine fool, or he is an infiltrator into the Akufo-Addo Campaign hell-bent to destroy it. The amount of credibility destroyed by such an action is incalculable.

For example, this is an issue that had been thoroughly debated and settled as a stupid hoax, even on Ghanaweb. So it was very negatively received, to put it mildly! You can palpably feel the political energy and the revulsion that Mr. Samuel Awuku has brought to the NPP. They are campaigning as though they have no strategy!

The first thing they need to come to terms with is that most of the people who are going to vote are of sound mind. The second is that, about a third of the electorate have already made up their minds either to vote for the NPP or the NDC. The numbers are even, but there is another third who are outside both political parties, and who are equally of sound mind, and are in the process of making their mind.
The remaining days of the campaign ought to be directed to this third party, and you are not going to win them over with such obviously stupid and already debunked lies. What is more, the more the opposition is seen to be relying on fabricated stories as the basis of their campaign, the more unattractive they become to this group.

Furthermore, they begin to ask questions. If they naturally wonder, if the NPP has to resort to lies in order to accuse President Mahama of corruption, it has to be because they have nothing else against him, otherwise they would have used that! The logical effect of such political slime which fails to stick is to rather invest in the target, a halo of incorruptibility that did not exist before the slime! In other words, it backfires!

Today, thanks to Mr. Samuel Awuku, everyone knows the NPP has no serious charge of corruption against President Mahama apart from stupid and discredited lies. Everyone knows the NPP is peddling lies! Furthermore, everybody knows, including themselves, that they are the most corrupt bunch of politicians throughout Ghana's history. This wanton desperation to come to power “at all cost”, even by such ridiculous 419 scams is very dangerous to our democracy.

For me, it is reason enough to alert my fellow countrymen and women, especially the undecided voter, and conscientious citizens who do not want to be associated with such a sin and a great curse! Honest Ghanaians must speak up and denounce this campaign of lying blatantly, falsely accusing opponents of grave charges of murder and corruption all based on the figment of the imagination. I entreat honest Ghanaians not to even touch the NPP with a long pole!

The solution rests in the hands of the enlightened public opinion. People need to speak up against such thing for the NPP to mend their ways. A lie is an injury. It injures the judgement of the people. It is normal that the people do not take kindly to it. I would expect ordinary members and sympathisers of the party, who are experts in communications to urgently school the Akufu-Addo Communications Directorate about the consequences of such buffoonery in general. It always boomerangs. It has never done anyone any good! That is why it so amateurish and puerile!

Indeed, it is so disgusting that coming as it did from the Deputy Director of the Directorate, one wonders the scope and reach of this tendency within the leadership of the NPP, who are now busy selling promises of “free hostels for Kayayei!” “Free condoms!” Free SHS!” “Free Judgement debts!” One really begins to wonder if the NPP is not playing the sick lion doing everything at its disposal to deceive and then attack viciously, and loot left and right; once in power? Can you honestly trust such a party?

Forward Ever! Backwards Never! Long live Ghana!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
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