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World Food Day: Tell Congress to Listen to African Farmers!

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16 October 2009 22:12

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Dear Nana Akyea,

World Food Day is an occasion for citizens and global leaders alike to reflect on the state of global food security in the world. And in light of the triple threat of elevate food prices, the global financial meltdown, and the changing climate, the news is far from positive - The FAO recently reported that a record 1 billion people go hungry on a daily basis. Such staggering figures will only get worse if world leaders do not act fast.
At the helm of Congress' efforts on the issue is the Global Food Security Act of 2009, introduced to the Senate last spring by Senators Lugar and Casey. While the bill should be praised for its commitment to a more nuanced approach to food assistance, the bill also mandates funding for "research on biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions, including genetically modified technology." Such a provision is essentially a "subsidy to corporate research and development goals, and is not targeted toward the most effective, appropriate, or cost-efficient technologies," according to a policy brief from Food First.

Click here to send a letter to your Senator, reminding him or her that World Food Day is the time to rethink the role of biotech in the Global Food Security Act!
Despite the claims that drought-resistant seeds can sustainably feed the world in the face of climate change and a rising population, there has been no proof that genetically modified foods (GMOs) increase yields, and an internationally renowned panel of scientists does not consider them an important component of a sustainable solution to the world's food crises. Instead, those who have been pushing the role of such research are those that stand to benefit - the American agricultural seed and fertilizer corporations.

Thus, along with GMO seeds comes the classic, resource-intensive, top-down, corporate driven model of agriculture that failed to bring food security during the first Green Revolution, and ultimately resulted in ecological destruction, massive rural displacement, and debt-ridden farmers financially tied to the firms selling seeds and chemical inputs. In the face of proposed Green Revolution for Africa, African farmers, community leaders, scientists, and development organizations have all been saying NO! to GMOs and to the American corporate profit interests that continue to steer the efforts in that direction.

Tell Congress that it is time to listen! Click here to tell your Senator to remove the GMO mandate from the Global Food Security Act!

In Peace,

Rocco, Bahati, and Allison

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Author: iddrissu

The managing editor of the Insight Newspaper, a private newspaper based in Accra, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr has rubbished the sale of Ghana Telecom by the former NPP administration to Vodafone UK.

He accuses the former president John Kuffour and his New Patriotic Party administration for selling state properties.

Mr. Pratt was speaking on radio gold programme dubbed “Alhaji and Alhaji” in Accra last week Saturday.

He said former president Kuffour did not care about the welfare of Ghanaians majority who are poor at heart. President Kuffour was using the presidency to exploit state resources.

Mr. Pratt wondered why former president Kuffour went into agreement with Vodafone UK and agreed on terms without the informing his minister.

He added that former president Kuffour did not study the terms of the agreement and noticed the implication “weather the deal was right or wrong.”

The managing editor of the Insight took a swipe at the members of parliament for taking of $5000 dollars bribery each to support the sale of 70% share holder of Ghana government to Vodafone UK.

The bribery allegation came to light when an Accra based radio stations granted an interview to sitting Member of Parliament of the opposition NPP, Mr. P.C Appiah Offori.

The MP was quoted by saying he and other membersof his colleagues received five thousand dollars at the castle, the seat of government during the NPP administration.

Mr. P.C Appiah Offori, who is also an anti corruption crusader admitted of receiving $5000 dollars bribe at the castle in Accra but said he was ready pay back the money ask to do so.

Due to his stand as an anti corruption crusade, some high ranking members of the New Patriotic Party are calling for his resignation from the party.

Mr. P.C. Appiah Offori was accused of being in bed with the current National Democratic Congress administration.

On his part, Mr. Kwesi Pratt commended the NDC administration and president Mills for taking a first step by setting up the commission of inquiry to review the sale and purchase agreement of Vodafone and government of Ghana.

He called on president Mills to use the 1992 constitution to protect the country and said “take over Vodafone and take it back”.

He also called on President Mill to use the executive powers vested in him by the constitution to protect the interest of the poor majority of Ghanaian population.

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