"The state attorney's office has finished it's investigation into in the March 2, 2010 shooting of University of Florida graduate student Kofi Adu-Brempong and the officers involved have been cleared of any wrongdoing."
Officers Cleared in Shooting by Robert Bradfield · May 21st 2010 · See more Local News

"First, I believe that the decision to enter Adu-Brempong's residence was legally justified by legitimate concerns for his well-being."
- Statement from William P. Cervone, State Attorney, Eighth Judicial Circuit, Friday, May 21, 2010.


That is why those "legitimate concerns for his well-being." is expected of them under the law. Surely William P. Cervone, State Attorney, Eighth Judicial Circuit is not trying to suggest that the best way to ensure his purported "well-being" is to shoot at him in the face in close range with an M-4 Bushmaster, a military assault rifle, and blow away a good part of his jaws, the roof of his mouth, explode his nasal cavity and cut his tongue into two? That this act was committed by a certain University Police Department (UPD) Officer Keith Smith, who had "previously been reprimanded for an incident in which he allegedly harassed and threw eggs at African Americans while off-duty", according to press reports should have made the point more pertinent.