Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nana Akyea Mensah has left a new comment on the post "NPP,NDC disappointed Ghanaians says Nduom":


I am a CPP member and I have been so since my teen age into what is now a middle age. Everything thing that the CPP is saying here is true. The question though is, has the CPP said everything it has to say on the impending vote?

How is the CPP reading and responding to the most important political imperative at stake; the consolidation of the NPP dynasty in power to facilitate their steep descent into officially corrupt constitutional despots through long-term manipulation and stragulation of the Judiciary, the use of rubber-stamp NPP parliamentarians and an Executive whose lists of opinions, even on local matters, are supplied by London and Washington?

This vote is crucial to national liberation from the disgusting neo-colonialism of the NPP of the same proportion and significance as the CPP's battle for Independence in 1957!

It is clear we can not make it on our own. Our primary revolutionary duty is to prevent an NPP consolidation of power and strenthen the people's ability to change governments peacefully and democratically. This is the legacy history is asking from the CPP today!

The tergiversative proclivities of Ndoum is a clear indication that he is sticking hard to his deal with the NPP! The CPP must not go along with this! To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards out of men! Let us go forth with a tactical choice between change and continuity and support the NDC against the NPP!

Some one must slap Ndoum gently on the cheeks to wake him up from his pleasant dreams of winning this election and ask him to make himself more relevant by reading through the dynamics of change blowing through Ghana and offer a responsible leadership, for the first time in his life! He must study carefully and quickly what has happened to his old accomplice, the right very much honorable, Mr. Freddy Blay Mugabe d'Ellembelle!

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