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Gizelle Yajzi/Yadzi: Prikus Kufuorus Non Conscientum Habet!

By Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro

A Rejoinder to: "Gizelle Yajzi/Yadzi Is An Arrogant, Glorified ****",
Feature Article of Monday, 23 August 2010, Columnist: Okoampa-Ahoofe,

Hi grandson,

Your last article was pathetic! You like big words, eh?! I could not
help noticing that after my exposure of your unpatriotic and nefarious
activities, you have started using the words "patriotic" and
"progressive"! Do you understand what they mean at all? "Patriotic",
"Progressive"! Hmn! I can't help chuckling! Reading athese from a
quisling like you, using these words appear a bit Kafkasque! Are we
safe? Why have you all of a sudden, felt the need to prove your
patriotic credentials? We know you very, very well enough!

The only thing that is news-worthy in your article is the fact that
you now think Kofi Diawuo has anything resembling professional and
personal intergrity! That is new. What you ought to know is that you
put your own intergrity at stake in so doing! Yes, you cannot have
your cake and eat it! "Let Your Yea Be Yea; and Your Nay, Nay."
(Matthew 5:33). For someone who has done more than any member of the
NPP to help us understand how repugnant this president has been, we
are a bit taken aback by this sudden and absolutely meaningless
defence of a person you would also like to ! Have you seen something
that we might not be privvy to? This is certainly what, you yourself
would call 'a paradoxical oddity'. What happened?

What has happened since you wrote your last article on Kufour, "Kufuor
Continues to Campaign for Atta-Mills and NDC," (See: Feature Article
of Monday, 9 August 2010, Columnist: Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame) It is
laughable that you could be "glad that the Ivory Cost is claiming our
oil" as a Ghanaian and remain less dangerous that a lonely foreigner
who may be "in the pursuit of happiness"? What makes you change tact
even to defend the indefensible? I remember, not so long ago, someone
wrote a whole feature article addressed to you to tone down your
attacks on ex-President Kufour and your response was:

"My friend, you are lucky you are spewing such guff tens of miles away;
else, I would strangle you and face execution by lethal injection!" -
Author: Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Date: 2010-08-12 23:48:31 (See
Comment to: "RE: “Kufuor continues to campaign for Atta-Mills" Feature
Article of Friday, 13 August 2010, by Columnist: Boahene, Peter

Are we now seeing in full display the long-awaited problem of THE
"Asantrofi Anoma" to you people, and you people are yet to make up
your minds whether to like him or hate him! The problem is you would
want to use his records to win votes, but at the same time you want to
distance yourselves from the numerous scandals! Now, all of a sudden
you appear to put a brave face on it because of the obvious
repercussions on the intergrity of Mr. Akufo-Addo, who may have to
position himself on this scandal if it continues to grow. An
uncomfortable situation indeed, so by all means Kufour has to be

What kind of political opportunism is this? It is good that,
apparently, your attention has now been drawn to "moderate" your
criticism of the former president, but that in itself must not make
you swing to the other extreme end of the pendulum and begin to defend
even what he did when he was naked and alone with a woman and you were
nowhere around!! You are going too far, grandson, were you there in
the room with him? We all know you are a propaganda robot, but think
before you write, and for Heaven's sake be consistent. Which of the
Kufours you have been presenting do you want us to take?

Listen to your ridiculous self:

"In other words, our convicted contention here is that Ms. Yajzi is a
very dangerous woman who needs not be entertained by a progressive and
patriotic media."

Do you want me to laugh or cry? One never knows with you! By the way,
I choose to laugh! I have no choice! You are compelling! How sweet of
you for being a comic relief in these murky waters ahead of us!By the
way, what is your point? The fact that journalist are unable to
identify her nationality or spell her name differently, does not mean
that she did not have a vagina available for former President John
Agyekum Kufuor's penis! Most women, irrespective of nationality or the
spelling of their first names, have their genitals intact! Try a bit
harder, Monsieur Okoampa! You can do better than this! You write:

"She is, indeed, quite an interesting character, if also because she
does not appear to be even passably intelligent."

And the reason you give for this is because she fell in love with a
married man! Even if she is foolish as you want to suggest, what has
that got to do with falling in love? Since when did falling in love
become the exclusive preserve of the intelligent people only? You

"there is absolutely no reason for anybody to believe that Ms. Yajzi,
when she decided to fall “madly” in love with Mr. Kufuor, did not know
that by getting sexually involved with a married Catholic, Christian
man and, perhaps, one who was old enough to be her own father, she
reserved the great negative potentiality of wrecking her lover’s
marriage. What with the grim and unsavory possibility of causing a
scandal of national proportions?"

You must be a shameless chauvinist! Why should it only be the woman
who must answer that and not Kufuor? Don't you know that for people
like Uncle Kofi Diawuo, the Akan-Latin "Prikus soribus non conscientum
habet", is the rule? (MEANING: translates roughly as "prikus" means
the prick or the penis, and "soribus" means "wake up" or "rise up" as
in a rebellion, insurrection or an errection, including presidential
ones! Thus it literaly means: "an errect penis has no conscience") All
the president needs is an errect penis! Damn the consequences! Never
blame the woman! She was lucky she was not raped by this bastard!

What makes you blame the woman instead of the "married Catholic,
Christian man and, perhaps, one who was old enough to be her own
father"? Did Kofi Diawuo give any hoots about what you call the "great
negative potentiality of wrecking [his own] marriage" or "the grim and
unsavory possibility of causing a scandal of national proportions?" If
the owner of the penis who is the president does not care, why should
the owner of the vagina who is a foreigner care? Is she the President
of Ghana?

And as though it were not enough, I know a thing or two which
collaborate the moral decadence of Kofi Diawuo; I know his morals at
close range through close associates. I was not in Washington with him
when george Bush organized a Banquet for Diawuo at the White House. To
the distaste of the "highly selected" presidential press corps that
was in his entourage including journalists like Mr. Malik Kwaku Baako
Jnr., I was reliably informed that the president came out of his
quarters to fratenize with the journalists, and the only thing that
came to his mind is to ask the press who felt they were on duty, "What
are you doing here? Mo mpe se mo be ko krom muo akope etwe bi ndie
anaa?" Meaning, "Don't you people want to go to town and get some
vagina to 'eat'?" My friend who was an admirer of the President was

This was when I realised that probably most of the rumours of his
ecapades could be true! A real case of "Prikus Kufuorus Non
Conscientum Habet!" For those of you sensible to the classical Latin,
please beware, nominative "Kufourus" remains the same in the genitive
case in the Akan-Latin, and not 'Kufuori', the motive is to impress
the unsuspecting reader, just like Kwame Okoampa! And just in case
this is all about a competition of high-sounding words, I do not miss
out with my simple English! Hence the Akan-Latin: "Prikus Kufuorus Non
Conscientum Habet!"

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
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Gizelle Yajzi/Yadzi: Prikus Kufuorus Non Conscientum Habet!

Feature Article of Wednesday, 25 August 2010


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